Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is the last image in the first book of 5 books in my hand made book "5FIVE5" (I'm confused.) The first book is called "from none to ONE". It is a single sewn signature with wrapper. The images are from a lino block using a reduction cut, and the images are rebuilt using reverse assemblage.

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  1. Your magic Pony has the determined face of a camel or a tiger. I like him. The birds are dispersed like confetti in a circus. The birds in the sky are making a quiet background caw, but the two on the ground are trying to tell the rider something. The bird on the left is solid and in focus like the pony. He tires to impart advice to the rider. The bird on the right has run out of words and become part of the background. The rider can not hear as he is mesmerized by the entire scene and does not wish to cut out one thing...not a singing bird nor a flowering plant. He is washed over and floating in a happy palette of bird song. The camel-pony-tiger seems quite certain about where he is going and where he wants to take the rider. Painted in more primary colors, he is heading out of the pastel chaos. He is center stage and has a proven track record for navigating with or without a map; with or without the background noise of birds and flowers. He is more sturdy than an SUV as he is part desert, part country, and part jungle. The rider is quite happy go lucky. He speaks with the birds in his dreams. He is at ease assured of his ride. He does not even bother to grow arms to hold on. The rider is in limbo. The way his red hair matches the body of the camel pony suggests that he is growing something to tie him in with the journey. But without arms to hold on, he clings to the background. Which way will he go? Will he grow arms? Does he need arms? Will his hair suffice?